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Structural Repair

Structural RepairIn houses, most damage to the structure is caused by insect damage or mold, mildew, and decay.  Less frequently, repair is require due to poor design or building practices.  It is important to cure the underlying cause of the damage before reinforcing the structure.

Repairs to this damage include:

•    Joists - New joists may be bolted to the existing, damaged joist, or “sistered”. Rarely is it necessary to remove the old joist.
•    Sills - Damaged or softened sills require replacement. The structure over the sill is jacked up, the old sill is removed, and a new one installed. All sill replacements use treated wood, for rot and decay resistance.
•    Band Boards - The band can sometimes be reinforced but if replacement is required, the band must be removed from the outside of the house. Siding must be removed and replaced.
•    Beams - Beams can almost always be reinforced with new wood bolted to the beam, and with additional piers to support the beam.

In addition, structural steel is sometimes required. Steel offers great strength, and is available in a vast number of shapes and sizes.

All of our work is carefully designed, often with an engineer, to guarantee durability and structural integrity.  Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your home!


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