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Drainage and Moisture Control

DrainageWith the amount of rainfall we typically receive in the the fall season, poor drainage is a common problem that our residential customers face each year.

Moisture in The Crawl Space

The greatest enemy of a healthy crawl space is high humidity. Water in the crawl space will evaporate, adding moisture to the air in the crawl space. This is prevented most effectively in two ways:

  • Prevent water infiltration, by effective grading and exterior water control.
  • Install a good and complete vapor barrier

Drainage Around The House Exterior

Puddles and wet spots in the yard are frequent problems. Standing water detracts from the use of the property and offers breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. These problems are cured by effectively diverting the water elsewhere. Our systems include downspout piping, collection basins, French drains, and channel drains, all piped to existing drainage systems.

Town and Country Construction has the knowledge and experience to install french drains and downspout piping, or to provide lot grading, and pumping to correct water problems in or around your house or business.

Each system is carefully designed and installed, with minimal disruption to the property. PVC pipe and fittings are utilized to ensure long-lasting service.

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